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Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal. We do not recommend any trip to  Nepal during monsoon !. Mid-June and peters out in the last weeks of September. During these months, expect to see heavy rains every day, especially in July and August. If you travel during the monson, the main thing to remember about the monsoon season is that you need to be flexible with your travel plans. In some areas, flights may be delayed or cancelled due to heavy rains. Landslides can happen, causing road closures. 

Visit Nepal in winter

Winter in Nepal is cold, but cold temperatures are balanced by brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies. It can be a wonderful time for the more experienced trekker to tackle the mountains. Winter weather in Nepal is also perfect for taking photos that capture the country’s stunning natural beauty. You can have a fabulous travel experience in Nepal during the winter. Low humidity and minimal chances of rain make this season great for travel photography and low-altitude hikes.

When is the best time to visit Nepal ?

The best trekking season or best time to visit Nepal depends on what you plan to do while in the country. Fall/autumn and spring are the most popular times to visit for hikers, climbers and mountaineers. At this time, clear skies and pleasant temperatures create the ideal conditions for adventures in the mountains.

Spring is a good time to visit Nepal’s valleys and forests. March marks the start of the blooming season in many parts of the country and large areas are covered in bright pink rhododendrons – Nepal’s national flower. This is also a great time to explore centres of Buddhist culture and architecture, such as Tengboche monastery.

You can have a fabulous travel experience in Nepal during the winter. Low humidity and minimal chances of rain make this season great for travel photography and low-altitude hikes. Best trekking season in Nepal !

Visit Nepal in Summer

Summer season brings the monsoon months of June, July and August with the rains really hitting their peak during August. Flash floods are not uncommon, washing away roads and making some journeys problematic. Internal flights are often disrupted by low-level cloud. It rains daily, though often only for a couple of hours and usually overnight, leaving mornings fresh and bright at first. If you come prepared (pack wet weather gear), and rise early to make the most of the mornings, then a visit to Nepal during summer season still has much to offer, especially for cultural pursuits. Daytime temperatures are a warm but not unpleasant 27°C. Trekking isn’t totally off the agenda, with certain areas of the mountains tucked in the Himalayan rain shadow. If you venture to Manang, Mustang or Dolpo you’ll have many trails to yourself.

Spring season in Nepal

From March onwards spring season makes its appearance, the temperatures climb and the flowers on the hillsides burst into bloom. You’ll see vast swathes of pink and red rhododendrons in particular. Spring is a popular time of year to visit Nepal. Long grasses in the national parks have been cut back so visibility for rhino spotting is excellent; trekking conditions are perfect, with daylight hours lasting longer into the evening, and so tea houses and treks at higher altitude open up again. 

Autumn season in Nepal

Autumn season in Nepal. By mid-September the rains have abated and autumn is well on the way. Visibility at this time of year is exceptional as the smog and haze have been washed away by the monsoon. It’s the most popular time of year to visit Nepal with conditions ideal for trekking, wildlife viewing and cultural exploration alike. Autumn season cctober and november are particularly good months if you want to see Nepalese culture at its most vibrant as two of the most important festivals – Dasain and Tihar – are celebrated at this time. Expect street parades, decorated houses and temples, dancing and singing long into the night.

Average temperatures and rainfall during peak summer and winter in three most popular tourist areas:

  Place   Summer (May, June, July)   Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)
  Max (°C)   Min (°C)   Rain (mm)   Max (°C)   Min (°C)   Rain (mm)
  Kathmandu   28.1   19.5   312   19.3   3.0   15.4
  Pokhara   29.7   21.3   829.7   20.3   7.7   26.3
  Chitwan   33.0   25.3   404.0   24.1   8.3   13.8


Trekking agency in Nepal

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