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Easy Trekking & Hiking

There is no, or a few sportive and physical activities. This kind of trip is open to everyone and is generally turned to cultural visits. If the stay possess a physical activity such as walk, this one is limited in the time and with a low level.

Mostly flat terrain with some small gradients possible. Average daily distances approx. 5 to 15 km.

Moderate Trekking & Hiking

This kind of stay can include physical activities such as mountain bike or trekking which can last several days sometimes. It require a correct physical fitness and is for persons who practice sportive activity on a regular basis. The travelling conditions can be sometimes crude such as nights under a tent, in shelter or in the inhabitant house. The time of walk per day can be of 7 hours maximum with a positive drop of about 800 meters. Flat and with more frequent hills, and possibly steeper hills. Average daily distances approx. 10 to 20 km.

Difficult Trekking & Hiking

Stays including an intense physical activity, essentially in trekking. The time of walk per day can be more than 7 hours some days and the positive drop is above 1000 meters, on accidental lands with sometimes mountain passes at high altitudes (above 5000 meters). Only for people with very good physical fitness. This kind of stay includes travel conditions sometimes a little bit hard with many nights under a tent, subject to climatic vagaries. More hilly terrain with some very steep hills. Average daily distances approx. 10 to 20km

Very Difficult Trekking & Hiking

Mountaineering, backcountry and expeditions. For this level more serious physical preparation and previous experience of similar activities are required. Climbing skills, ski tour skills, avalanche safety are mandatory. These are trips in the expedition style and you will have to carry your backpack with the necessary gear in the difficult conditions of the highlands, sleep in tents and relax in places with fascinating views and sometimes enjoy these views in extremely harsh conditions. 

Peak Climbing and Expeditions

According to the French Alpine Grades, mountaineering routes can be classified as:

  • F: Facile/Easy. These routes involve easy glacier travel and may require some rock scrambling. Except for the glacier sections, you can often climb ropeless.
  • PD: Peu Difficile/a little difficult. These routes involve some technical climbing sections and glaciers of higher difficulty. There may also be some short sections of steep terrain. They are good introductory climbs for beginners.
  • AD: Assez Difficile/fairly hard. These are physically demanding routes for experienced alpine climbers. They usually have steep and exposed climbing sections or snow/ice slopes over 50°. The descents are long and more complicated, and most of the route requires to be roped.
  • D: Difficile/difficult. These routes involve sustained rock climbing, ice climbing or snow travel. They are considered a significant undertaking and demand a huge commitment.
  • TD: Très Difficile/very difficult. Highly technical climbs that involve long distances, remote locations, and hard multi-pitch climbing sections. Besides, there are often other hazards like bad weather (extreme cold, strong winds) or poor protection on the routes.
  • ED: Extremement Difficile/extremely difficult. These are extreme climbs (the most difficult in the world, actually!) with continuous difficulties. They take several days to be completed.
  • ABO: Abominablement difficile (Abominable). This category is reserved for the most impossible and dangerous climbs.

Trekking agency in Nepal

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